7 joys of suffering from a cold

1. Not having to brave the rain

It’s autumn. On the West (wet) coast of Canada this means overcast and rainy. Yet here I have a built in excuse to not leave the house. Perfect. I’ll just sit in my comfy chair and tinker away at some low-level admin tasks like cleaning out my contacts list that I have been putting off for 3 years.

2. No job is too small or tedious to tackle

All of a sudden I have the foggy head and fatigue quotient – the secret ingredient for tackling menial tasks like the contacts list, clearing out my junk mail, paying the outstanding credit card payment and removing the excess hair from my brush. All of a sudden these tasks seem like the most deep and meaningful exercises in the world! Nothing can tear me away from doing them now – I’m not going anywhere and feeling too groggy to procrastinate.

3. Laser beam focus

Meetings and social trifles fall away because I am too grumpy and infectious for these. Plus it hurts to talk, listen and laugh. Just give me the bare essentials and I’m back to my comfy chair to do more mundane tasks! This trims out a lot of fat from my day.

4. Having things brought to you

If you share a house with nice people, they might bring things to you like hot water, lemon and ginger or your mail. Today I received a parcel of Beta5 chocolates – late birthday presents are the best!

5. Reading a book in bed is now a great start to your day!

Previously I had concerns that reading a book in bed might actually derail the perfect start to the day of meditation/yoga, diary writing, home cooked porridge, a hot shower and getting dressed. But now the day doesn’t have to start like that. Because the entire day now revolves around recuperation and wellbeing, not just the morning.

I take frequent water breaks, eat well and copiously (feed a cold!), meditate whenever and I actually finished a book yesterday.

6. I enjoy my sleep

No more skimping – the body needs 8 or 9 hours to recover. And I enjoy it! Into bed at, well no time is too early, but I’d say 7. Book down by 9:30. Then sleep. Then up around 7. Or 8.

Mornings are the roughest so I give myself permission to take it really easy (see 6 above).

7. There’s no effective treatment for the common cold – do what you like!

There is no ‘cure’ for the common cold. This allows us the latitude to concoct whatever pleasant placebos our hearts desire. Warm cola with lemon (an ancient Chinese remedy I was told)? Sure. A hot bath? No harm. A hot toddy? Zinc nasal spray? Lots of lying down? Echinacea candles? Cinnamon hearts? Honey?

It’s all good.

How about a bonus eighth point? I don’t know about you, but I find coughing is strangely mindful. I focus on my breathing for a rare few moments of the day. Fighting for breath certainly makes me thankful for the health I do have.

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