Entrepreneurs – what can you commit to every day?

We commit and recommit every day.

This business. This proposal. This meeting. This client.

Regardless of our previous failures (a.k.a. our lessons learned) we keep going. This I know for sure – I am currently composting failure and I have chosen to recommit to my own vision after being swayed in a direction that was not me at all.

I am recommitting to deep, transformative sessions that connect people to their dreams.

What are you committing to daily?

What are you committing to daily-

Imagine carving out a space into your life to allow you to reflect on what you do – your tasks, projects, interests, responsibilities – and connect them to something bigger than yourself.

A system that includes all of what you hold most dear.

To be blunt, what is the stuff you want to achieve before you die?

I want you to intentionally create the wins you previously only dared dream about.

Anything less is a waste of your one amazing life.

I create empowered entrepreneurs and freelancers by connecting them to their purpose and reigniting their vision.

What’s the tiniest way of making yourself aware of what you want to create?

That is awareness well-spent.

Find out more about my Reignite groups.

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