Dear Fear,

Thank you for attempting to keep me safe, especially when I board an aircraft (I read about crazy stuff happening in the news all the time) and take any risks at all, e.g. scuba diving, hiking, getting in a car even.

Sometimes you are way too loud and enthusiastic. I will ask you to lower your voice and, knowing that you are along for all of my journeys, respect that I am the navigator and decision-maker in all of this.

You do not get a vote in where I go or what I do.

That’s for me and my intuition to choose.

Thanks again for keeping your eyes on the clock and keeping me alert to dangers, one of which is letting the time tick away. Sometimes this in itself is a danger though – to quote the Dalai Lama, “unreasonable fear is totally useless and often destructive” and “we must keep this kind of fear in check.”

So I fully intend to go where my heart desires and contribute as much as I can before my time is up. And that includes embarking on a ton of adventures.



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