10 Reasons why Entrepreneurs Hire a Leadership Coach

The work I do as a leadership coach is about helping people access their ‘inner advice’.

I work with entrepreneurs and nomads who have ‘burnt the bridge’ and are all in.

The level of courage and tenacity it takes to be a successful, determined, unstoppable entrepreneur is HUMUNGOUS.

We play all out.

Win or fail.

Get up.

Do it again.

I have found that when people make a paid commitment to doing anything, it goes from being a ‘should’ to being a ‘must-do.’

My own coach calls it ‘having skin in the game.’

Did you hear the level of commitment triple?

These are my top reasons for hiring a leadership coach:

  1. Fully COMMIT to your life as you MAKE it.
  2. Gain an EDGE by fine-tuning your game.
  3. CHALLENGE your coach – they’re a paid professional- BRING it!
  4. Become FULLY accountable.
  5. Create a system for success – this is also known as a STRUCTURE for PERSEVERANCE.
  6. Draft a ROAD MAP for ACHIEVEMENT.
  7. Be a REBEL with a CAUSE – and KNOW that CAUSE.
  8. Be deeply listened to and HEARD.
  9. Take ACTIONS to GROW yourself.
  10. Have an ADVENTURE – the greatest of all is within.

Much was made of Team Raonic, the 3 coaches and 2 consultants who supported Milos Raonic to his first ever Wimbledon trophy recently.

Doesn’t that sentence say it all? Tennis players in the top 10 in the world are already experts. Yet he saw the huge benefit of calibrating his game by hiring coaches.

He refused to stop at ‘good’ and is on track for ‘record-breaking.’

Isn’t it time to fine-tune your game?

Then it is time to hire a high-impact coach.

P.S. If you like lists, Forbes has another list of 8 reasons to hire a coach.

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