Mind Body Love: a new mastermind group for relationships

Mind Body Love tile

I’ve created a 12-week mastermind group that is limited to only 5 women who want to dive deep into what can be possible for them and the relationships they want to create.

While reading and completing  Calling in the One by Kathleen Woodward Thomas, I experienced numerous shifts in what I thought was possible for myself. Some of my breakthroughs came from realising fears or behaviour that had been limiting me. For example, my fear of asking for what I want and feeling so indebted when I was given something valuable that this burden weighed heavily upon me.

This awareness allowed me to experiment and play with asking for what I want and to practice gratitude.

The power of creating the space and time to do this work fully is something I am compelled to share with others (and this workbook and its exercises kick ass!).

I believe that a relationship mastermind group is not so different from coaching entrepreneurs. Relationships are at the very core of what it is to be human. And one of the key challenges of an entrepreneur is to forge rich, symbiotic relationships that will support their business.

Entrepreneurs are also, when they go home and hang up their coat, humans who want fulfilling and loving relationships.

The Mind Body Love group will meet weekly where we will explore all the themes of Calling in the One, support each other to complete our weekly practices and bring our awareness to the breakthroughs and shifts that group members have experienced.

After we finish Calling in the One, I will support the group to create relationship projects that begin with an inspiring vision. The last 4 weeks of the group will be dedicated to kicking off these projects, now complete with milestones and actions, and practicing self-compassion.

Throughout our journey together, group members will meet individually with me for coaching to look at aspects that are interesting or tricky for them.

We will shift hearts from scarcity to abundance. We will go from the shadows to the spotlight.  We will evolve from making complaints to making requests to creating a desired vision. Participants will create lives that are balanced, emotionally healthy and selves that are confident and even bold.

I am looking forward to sharing the love at our first meeting on September 14th 2016.

Enrol here.

For more information, check out the brochure: Mind Body Love Group brochure (pdf).

If you have questions about Mind Body Love please contact me.


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