“When Danielle coached me I noticed a shift from seeking a quick answer to going deep within me for an intuitive answer.

Yes, it was uncomfortable at times and she was unrelenting. This is called service. I appreciate it deeply. Thank you for this!”

Tim Mikelj, Life & High Performance Coach

“Danielle is an inspiring life coach who has helped me greatly with expanding my music career.

She has always offered my fresh insights into my situations, giving excellent advice and practical suggestions for actions.

I have always left my sessions feeling motivated and more in control.

I have realised a lot of things about myself and my set-backs through just talking to Danielle and she has helped me see past my limitations.

I have already been seeing the benefits of her coaching in my career.  Thank you, Danielle!”

-Lainey, Producer and Musician, UK

“You can speak about anything from things on your mind related to your life/business or perhaps more about the business – it is a very relaxed session but you get quite a lot out of it. At least I did! I recommend trying it! It cleared my mind of things and helped me see things from new perspectives.”

-Magda, The Changing Factor, UK

“I’ve known Danielle for few months now and after only one session, she’d help me to focus on my newly business, take control, get organise on my daily basis and see the beauty of a strong accent as a foreigner.
I rely on her experience, diagnostic, availability and strong expertise as a professional to see things beyond any problem, I highly recommend her without doubt.

-Maite, Founder of Spanishnanny Agency, UK

“Danielle and I were in the 8-week peer-mentoring group held by the Women’s Enterprise Centre in Victoria. Actually, we continue to meet despite the official group being finished.  Danielle is positive, energetic, passionate, driven, and good-humoured. She has the ability to quickly see the essence of a situation and to lightly touch upon it in a way that brings perspective. She seems to have limitless ideas and to dwell in the realm of possibilities. These are all fantastic attributes to bring to business and to coaching.”

-Coreen, Founder of LucentEdits and Brilliant Bios, Canada